Gwendolyn · handwriting · Karin James · Reading and spelling tests versus SATs

Why the pen is mightier than the keyboard

There’s a very interesting article in the TES by Adi Bloom this week (14th October 2011) about handwriting. In it Mr Beswick from Greave Primary school in Stockport is quoted as arguing strongly that handwriting is redundant and that keyboard skills are the future. On the other hand, Mr Gibbons of Nettlesham Junior school in… Continue reading Why the pen is mightier than the keyboard

'The Wright Stuff' · Michael Rosen · phonics versus whole language

The Wrong Stuff!

I’ve just been watching Michael Rosen on Matthew Wright’s show ‘The Wright Stuff’, broadcast on October 6th. After talking about the plight of the independent booksellers, he was asked by one of the guests on the show what he thought about the government’s support for phonics. What followed had me howling with laughter. For a chap… Continue reading The Wrong Stuff!

BBC · Suzanne Romaine · teaching foreign languages by five

Teaching languages by five

Having at one time worked for the British Council and the (as it was then) Bell Educational Trust, I know from first-hand experience that it is entirely possible to teach young children to speak, read and write foreign languages. Michael Gove’s suggestion that language teaching should start at five is by no means radical. In… Continue reading Teaching languages by five